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Two Coins - Klaine fic - CH 26/?? | S&C | AO3

Soulmate + Age Gap AU - Rating NC-17

prostitute!Blaine / Famous!Kurt


Kurt heard about those people who were soulmates. How happy they were and how lucky they felt. Soulmates had a very deep connection even before they met. Some connections were so deep that people were able to feel the emotions and physical pain from their soulmate. He never understood why it was luck to feel what your soulmate felt or not even have a choice with who you want to spent the rest of your life with. Until he meets his soulmate and is not happy about it.

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Chapter 26. Nightmares

Some people turned away, some still stared, some didn’t notice anything at all. The music was still loud, filling the whole club and buzzing through Kurt’s body. Together with the anger he felt. His eyes stared at Cooper who slowly stood up and his left hand was curled around Blaine’s waist to feel him close. Usually he would have felt sorry for being so harsh on Blaine’s brother because he accused him – in his mind – for things he never did. He didn’t feel sorry because there were other things he could blame Cooper for.

Like how he ran away from Blaine and left him alone with his mother. He probably knew what kind of person his mother was and this was the reason why he left them. An irresponsible behavior no matter how old Cooper had been back then. Also another thought crossed his mind. Cooper was either invited to this club or famous himself and this made Kurt crunch his teeth. Yes, they were not blood related but they were still a family and while Cooper had a good life his younger brother suffered through so much.

Maybe he was wrong, yes. He was judging someone he didn’t know but he couldn’t help himself.

“Let’s go back,” said Kurt and turned away from Cooper so he could finally examine the expression of his soul mate. There was surprise on Blaine’s face mixed with some confusion – probably for Cooper – and a small nod from his head to Kurt’s words.

“Blaine, wait. I need to talk to you,” said Cooper, suddenly standing closer to them and Kurt was feeling the conflict and anger coming from his boyfriend. Of course he was angry that Cooper left them, him, though it was his mother. Of course he was conflicted because Cooper didn’t look like a bad guy and Blaine never talked bad about him. He was, if he was something at all, a small living part of his family he liked, at some point. Yes, beside the anger and the conflict there was still something like hope coming from Blaine. Eventually the younger turned away and they both went back to their friends.

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