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Love Shack

Ah - reunited and it feels so good!!!!

After Darren’s Broadway run and absence from Glee for well over a month - he was back with his man - singing, dancing and enjoying their vocal foreplay to the maximum allowed for a PG rated show!!!

That is what I have to say about Love Shack

fitting reunion song considering their distance from one anotherr

but we all know that Chris saw the h2$ -  I would wager he saw it way more than once - and  I am certain he spent some down time from filming in NY in full support of our shorter statured star

But yes - Klaine was back - and their playful ways and sexual….. (not frustration - good god do they look frustrated?!) chemistry was in full throttle for this one kids!!

It reads/watches like great fanfiction!!!

.50seconds - Darren crosses to Chris leading with his —- intentions known

.53 - .54 seconds - freeze it!!! The smile on Darren’s face as he approaches Chris - this is Darren - back where he belongs - singing to the face he has missed A LOT! Then the little shimmy that follows - “I am in your personal space”, says his body language, “what are you gonna do about it?” (you can practically hear the teasing lilt without him speaking a single word.)

.57 seconds - Darren’s eyes scan Chris’ body - appreciating the well fitted vest and jeans that cover the alabaster skin he knows he saw recently but  can’t wait to explore again.

.58 seconds - Their eyes meet as if drawn together like magnets - for a brief second the energy between them can be felt by any who are watching.

.59 - 1.01 - Darren offers up his microphone willing to share the spot light and hoping Chris will take it (as that is where he belongs always)

(fun freeze at 1.01 - The look on Darren’s face as he gazes at Chris - we have seen this face MANY, MANY TIMES!!!! Just to offer you a chance to smile here ; )

1.03 - Darren can’t stand it anymore - he grabs Chris’ tie with his right hand just below the knot and slips his left fingers just under the hem of the vest over his breastbone

1.03 - 1.05: Their mimicked animal mating facial expressions takes over their features as they move together hips in practiced sync to the stage

1.10 - 1.12 - Chris commands the stage, singing in those lower notes we don’t hear often. Darren circles like Chris is his prey and comes up on his right side. Darren glides in next to Chris with his groin making contact with Chris’ right thigh (another fun freeze right at 1.12) He wants his man to know he is there - Chris knows friends!

1.13 - 1.14 - the Look on Darren’s face as he watches Chris - Chris who at this moment hasn’t a single care or inhibition.

1.17 - 1.19 - Driving their….car….. that seats about twenty…

Their hips here take the opposing counts - Chris hitting every beat with a movement of his hips - Darren catching the even beats - but completely in sync and finding a rhythm all their own.


Darren has his left arm completely around Chris’ shoulders so his left hand is resting down Chris’ left chest

Now consider their height difference and the stretch Darren is giving to achieve his shoulders being higher than Chris and to reach across

He is up off his heel on his toes - he is leaning into Chris with his body weight. They are practically one. Chris can feel everything Darren is giving him and his contorted facial expressions are not trying to hide it. (especially the half hooded eyes a couple of times)

Having many shots of the others dancing in the crowd as well as the other singers helped to keep the PG rating.

1.34 - Sorry Darren - but leading with your groin - and form fitting slacks - hard to hide things below the waist (to his left side if you can’t quite see it)  - just saying………

2.03 (go ahead and feeze it - you know you want to) Just let this moment speak for itself

2.04 (Fun freeze it for Chris now - he has to respond to that mouth - I mean face)  Chris has zeroed back in on his man who just worked the room away from him. Oh the plans he has.

(let’s just pretend that the dilated pupils are because of the low lighting)


They came, they danced, they made their desires known, they goofed around, they had a FANTASTIC time and loved every single freaking moment of this shoot!  (and probably had a  great time afterward ;)

Thanks Nonnie!!! Lots of fun!


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DarrenCriss: Yes! Did it! And right before @BastilleDan dove into their admittedly better version of “Pompeii” than #Glee. ;) #UnfairAdvantage #iHeartRadio

DarrenCriss: Yes! Did it! And right before @BastilleDan dove into their admittedly better version of “Pompeii” than #Glee. ;) #UnfairAdvantage #iHeartRadio

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darrencriss Haters Gonna Hate!! W/ Brian Rosenthal & @jonyricker #iHeartRadio Festival

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Reblog if you are NOT jumping ship and will ship crisscolfer until your dying day

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DarrenCriss: Haters Gonna Hate!!

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Anonymous inquired:

Watching Darren video... first thought: Hello Daisy!

It’s so good to see him like this. To see him around the people who love him for who he is. Then, he can be himself.

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DarrenCriss: Haters Gonna Hate!!

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darrencriss: Haters Gonna Hate!! W/ Brian Rosenthal & @jonyricker #iHeartRadio Festival

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This is a small ‘kind of’ trailer for my fic ‘Two Coins’

You can read it here: | S&C | AO3


This fic is now complete!

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There is a fourth passenger in the car

he is in the front passenger seat and the videographer

The male passenger in the seat across from Darren is caught in Darren’s glasses when he turns his head to look at him (3 - 15 seconds)

I slowed it down - you can freeze it when the person is in full view.

No you can’t tell who it is - but what you can visibly tell

  1.  it is a fourth unviewed person (in this video) in the car
  2. It is indeed a male
  3. He is tall and slender
  4. He has a white tshirt and jean shorts on
  5. He has a black cuff/watch on his right wrist (best seen at 34 seconds if you freeze)

Joey (15 - 18 seconds) is the back left seat (can’t see what he is wearing)

Brian (34-36 seconds) is in the back right seat and wearing a grey shirt

Is it possible that Brian or Joey flipped around in their seats and take turns as the videographer - sure

But I choose to believe that the videographer choose not to be seen.

I hope they ALL have a wonderful weekend at the festival - they have earned it!!

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